In Japan there is a belief that the head of the hand fan represents the beginning of life, while the ribs of the hand fan represent the ways of life which go in all directions so as to bring joy and happiness. Today, hand fans are still exchanged in special occassions as ambasadors of good will. A hand fan symbolises friendship, respect and best wishes.

Handmade hand fans from natural materials

Hand Fans Lora are handmade out of high-quality material, with a special emphasis on the hand fans production process. Besides Spain and France, we are the only ones in Europe who make sticks for hand fans out of which the hand fans are made, we colour them by hand in the desired colour and we assemble them. Looking at the manufacturing process, we are one of a kind hand fans manufacturer in the world. We make hand fans in small series, and some of them are even unique. Hand fans are designed so as to satisfy different ladies’ tastes, but we also offer hand fans for men with more natural and smoother patterns.

Beautiful appearance of hand fans, perfect making

Except for the beautiful apperance, the hand fans are extremely durable, and in cooling exceed all expectations. That is thanks to the original construction and natural materials from which hand fans are made: carved, chosen parts of quality wood and special multilayer materials that intertwine and make a perfect unity. And lastly, the hand fans are decorated with one Swarovski crystal that gives them a unique look, recognisability and elegance. The whole hand fan in one wonderful handwork and work of art. It is strong and durable, easy to use, beautiful, with lovely sticks made of real wood and with a wide choice of patterns and colours.

The wonderful pattern of the hand fans, the superb crafting and final processing, the natural materials and colours are a reason enough to look at our selection of Hand fans Lora and maybe order one for yourself or a dear person.

If a hand fan is one of your favourite accessories, take a look at Art Lora handmade high-quality hand fans.